Thursday, November 26, 2009

Marketing Tip #2 for professional service groups

To promote your professional service practice - whether it's a law firm, accounting firm, recruitment firm, mediation practice or engineering group – here is another tip:

Tip #2. Point out the benefits of your service in your sales presentation and your marketing materials

• repeat your key messages – benefits and advantages – in your brochure, newsletter, direct mail, etc.

• when talking to prospective clients and referral sources, let your "benefits" line become your mantra.

• Add a tagline to your business card that tells what you do. Mine says, "Strategy, writing and design." While my main service is producing marketing materials to help professional service companies sell their service, I also write case statements for nonprofits, universities and health care companies trying to raise money. These skills are also being applied to produce anniversary books for large corporations - a new product line called "Minted Memories®". But the main benefits: "professional writing, pleasing design that helps tell the story, and strategy to determine the message, format and audience" can be applied to different markets. My advantage: very few companies do what I do. I have a niche business that is part public relations, marketing, and project management of print and web-based projects. These benefits and advantages are used to help solve the client's problem.

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