Friday, February 10, 2012

Branding + empowered staff can’t be beat

Owner Liz Cezat welcomes you to explore
the potential for branding your company.

If a company’s graphic brand – logo, brochures, website, banners – is sterling yet the customer service is lagging, guess what? That business isn’t going to make it.
In real estate, it may be “location, location, location,” but in company branding, “it’s the people.” Yes, the people. It’s the company’s executives, employees, contractors and consultants who bring the brand to life by offering the customer the best experience when dealing with that company.
Is it rocket science? No. Is it professionalism, kindness and empathy? Yes.
Here’s an example. I recently attended two concerts at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, better known as the DSO. It’s been an institution in Detroit since 1887 or is it 1914? You decide. 
At Saturday night’s performance of the Pops series, the ushers were friendly and helpful. Could we bring our drinks to our seats? Absolutely. “But only during the Pops, not during the Classical series,” they told us. Good information.
I should mention too that on the way to Orchestra Hall from the parking lot right across the street, managed by my good friends the Aubreys, a parking attendant escorted my daughter and me across Woodward Ave. He also made some small talk, but it was really big talk. He asked if we were mother and daughter. We responded, “Yes.” Then he said, “That’s good that you are having a night out together. Your daughter is keeping you young and you can impart wisdom to her.” Wow! So true.
The concert, conducted by a spirited Steven Reineke with songs by Mike Eldred and Rachel York was so entertaining that when I saw an ad (branding) in Sunday’s Detroit Free Press/Detroit News for an upcoming concert, I thought, “I want to go.”
I went online and discovered that I could pick my seats. Cool. Plus, the cost was very reasonable. I wasn’t sure if my online order went through so I called the box office. There was an annoying long wait, but once I got through, the ticket meister was exceedingly helpful and personable.
Fast forward to Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012. That morning, I received an email from the DSO with an e-newsletter and a link to their program. That same program, in print, was handed to me at the concert that evening.
I attended with my boyfriend, who would much rather be watching football than attending a classical concert. When we arrived at Orchestra Hall, the door was opened by a doorman who smiled and said, “Welcome.”
The tickets from Will Call were delivered promptly by a smiling employee. When we reached the top of the stairs to the mezzanine, another smiling employee greeted us. Hey, I could get used to this.
The concert was excellent. I truly enjoyed myself. And a large part of that experience was that the DSO was so well managed and the people employed there cared so much. That’s the beauty of excellent customer service being part of one’s brand.
How does this tie into my business? We can help you create a definitive brand – through graphics, key messages, engaging content and advice on how to get your staff on board. It’s an extension of what we are already doing with websites, brochures, logos and social media. Let’s start a conversation, call or e-mail today.