Monday, September 14, 2009

New anniversary line launched

My company’s new offering, Minted Memories®, has been launched. It’s a product line of unique anniversary booklets and videos for companies celebrating milestone anniversaries. My first batch of letters to prospects went out today. I was prepared to send them last Friday, but thought that day might be too ominous – like stepping on a crack, breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder – since it was 9/11. So, good things can and do occur on Mondays.

Mark Salloum, of VideoMagic, and I are eagerly awaiting some orders for Minted Memories® videos. My graphic designers and I are ready to put our unique stamp on booklets ordered through the program. Their skills at designing annual reports, newsletters and brochures will be just as amazing when applied to this format.

Meanwhile, the memory book for my mother is in the layout stage. When completed, it will be a fitting personal tribute to a woman who has had an incredible impact on just about everyone that she met and, most especially, her children.

These projects reflect solid values, hard work and the ability to overcome adversity to reach prosperity. In their own way, each offers a tribute and sense of hope. Best of all, these stories allow us to get a closer look at the amazing people who have brought some great things to life. Whether successful companies or close-knit families; in times of turmoil, we need more of both.